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Menu Artwork

I am a volunteer at The Haven, on Gabriola Island. As part of my work there, I create the Dinner Menu each afternoon.

Each day I have opportunities to play with my Calligraphy skills, My drawing Skills and to explore stories and Jokes about the food items being served each evening in the restaurant. The challenge is to make it legible and interesting.

As part of my volunteer projects with The Haven on Gabriola Island, I spend an hour or two almost every afternoon decorating the menu whiteboard with the day’s dinner menu. The challenge I accept is to make it legible, useful and fun. generally the workshop participants are immersed in matters that are very serious. I see the menu as a way to cause a smile (mild delight, perhaps), and to smirk, giggle, or say wow! It is an opportunity for me to practice my calligraphy skills, to insert stories, jokes and matters of interest into the menu. Since I do not often have dinner at The Haven, I don’t get a chance to experience the responses first hand. thus I would welcome your comments.

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